Our curriculum encourages students to be lifelong learners who are resilient, reliable and resourceful. The Curriculum set by the Ministry of Education provides clear expectations for the reading, writing, and mathematics knowledge and skills students need to achieve at each level of the curriculum.

The standards also allow us to make clear judgments as to the competence in reading, writing, and mathematics, and if students are making the expected progress. Achievement levels are “Above”, “At”, “Below” and “Well below”.

We do this through:

  •   Emphasising reading and writing skills
  •   Building skills in numeracy
  •   Sharing learning experiences to extend experiences, ideas and thoughts
  •   Supporting learning through our Digital/Information & Communications Technology (ICT) programmes:
    •  ICT opens up opportunities for learning because it enables learners to access, extend, transform and share ideas and information in multi-modal communication styles and format. It helps the learner to share learning resources and spaces, promote learner-centred and collaborative learning principles and enhance critical thinking, creative thinking and problem solving skills.
      • 1 device available per child throughout the school
      • Activboards in every classroom
      • ICT Skills
      • Online learning environment, Mathletics, Spellodrome, eChalk.
  •   Balancing health and PE programmes
    • We participate in the Life Education Trust program “Keeping ourselves safe”
    • Sport Waikato manage a sports program which runs weekly
    • Our heated school pool is open in Terms 1 and 4 and we subsidise children’s swimming lessons
  •   Regularly reviewing our learning programmes
  •   Engaging in a wide range of learning opportunities within the school,   community and places beyond our community.
  •   Having high expectations
  •   Emphasising the importance of academic and non-academic excellence

We welcome cultural diversity at Waerenga School.
We are a small school with typically 10% maori/pacifica students.

Waerenga School’s curriculum recognises the unique position of Maori within New Zealand society and the importance of the Treaty of Waitangi. It provides students with experiences and understandings in cultural traditions, language and local and national histories. The Te Ao Marama Arts Company runs a Kapa Haka programme for all students Year 4 to 6. Te reo is an integrated part of learning in the junior classes. Waerenga School also recognises and values the uniqueness of other cultures and religions represented at this school.

We also encourage the Arts. On Tuesdays, a local music teacher comes to the school and takes lessons for students to learn the piano, keyboard, guitar or ukulele. We have staff with skills in music, art and dance and one of the highlights in our school year is the end-of-year concert.

Our school has a range of sporting and PE opportunities that challenge our students to participate for fun and fitness, to encourage healthy lifestyles, and to learn to be a supportive team member or leader.

Sport Waikato visit the school weekly as a part of Project Energise, teaching a wide range of skills and sports and we also participate in the Life Education Trust program.

Waerenga School takes part in all interschool sports with some students making the regionals in swimming, cross country and athletics.

Swimming lessons twice a week in Terms 1 and 4 are subsidised for all students wanting to participate. Our pool is heated and we have an excellent swimming coach.

We encourage all students to participate in some form of sport and most of our students take part in a weekend sport i.e. netball, rugby, soccer, or hockey.

Our school uses opportunities to extend student learning outside of the classroom – Education Outside The Classroom.

We endeavour to give students positive learning experiences beyond the school environment providing opportunities such as school camps and educational day trips.

Yr 5-6 Senior camp typically goes to Papamoa for a city experience (3 days) one year, and then to Kauaeranga Valley for a week the following year. We have a full school walk every couple of years on one of the forestry tracks.

We look at using facilities outside the school – e.g. Art Galleries, emergency services and Theatres and will take the opportunity to visit exhibitions. For example, the school recently went to see Leonard da Vinci’s exhibition at the Waikato Museum.