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Puddle Fun

When the temperature is still warm and the rain is pouring what better thing to do than have a puddle swim! Certainly and handful of kids from R4 thought so….  

X Man

This week X man has been at school teaching us about the need to reduce our rubbish. We looked at all the ways we can RECYCLE things we have finished with. We looked at hundreds of his worm friends from his compost bin and found out how good it is to COMPOST our fruit and […]

Fabulous Fridays

On Friday mornings we practice self management strategies. Those of us who have used our time wisely get to choose an activity from around the room. Here are some EXPLORERS in action…                                                     […]

Meet the Explorers 2017

Welcome to our class blog. We are a fabulous group of Year 2 & 3 children who are eager to learn and settling in well to the school year. We have had an exciting start to the year with lots of things happening so far this term. We had a great day participating in our […]