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What a great week it was having come to our school.  Everyone loves him and he is so much fun.  While was with us we learnt all about REDUCING,  REUSING and RECYCLING.  We learned how we can reduce our rubbish by reusing and recycling things.

First of all we looked at’s rubbish.  Some of us could wrap our arms around it and hold it by one hand.

Then we had to sort through all of’s rubbish to see if we could REDUCE, REUSE or RECYCLE.

In the end had hardly any rubbish at all.  Look how small his rubbish bag is now!!

We also met lots of’s friends, his tiger worms.  There were so many of them and they made lots of soil by eating all our fruit and vegetable scraps.  So cool!

In our last lesson showed us how he reused lots of things to make some neat toys.  We played with his “telephones”, “skittles”, “ball catchers” and “puppets”.  We had the best fun!


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