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Last week we had a sleepover in the Pathfinders class. This really really was so much fun! We had  huge waterslide (thanks Mrs Trousdale), a BBQ dinner of hamburgers – so yummy – then we played the marshmellow game!!!!!  Some kids got lots of 6’s on the dice and some….not so many!!!!! Once it was dark we played SPOTLIGHT!!!! Gee, the parents were great at hiding! One or two students MAY have been a bit sneaky at hiding behind the chair too!!! Once we had all this excitement we watched a movie and snuggled down for bed! It was a late night and some of us can snore very loudly!!!!!!! Once we woke in the morning we had a tasty breakfast and then we went to Huntly to climb the Hakarimatas. This was a true test of fitness!!!!!!

What a fantastic day/night we had. Thanks so much to all the parents who stayed the night, snored loudly, provided transport and climbed the hill with us. 

I hope that the students have some very fond memories that will last a few years!!!!!

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